We have decided not to raise Yorkies anymore. Although we love the breed very much we have decided to venture in a different direction.
Thank you to all of our past clients for giving our babies loving forever homes!  Remember that My word still stands true that If You ever need to rehome your pet from us at any point in its life it will always be welcome back here.

                    We are a small Family Run Kennel who takes pride in the love  
                                          and care we give our animals!!!

                                    This is truely a full time, 24 hr a day job!

                                   I love it and I wouldn't do anything different!!

                                  I stay at home to love & care for my animals!!!

                   We are dedicated to raising happy, healthy, loving puppies

                           That your family will love and enjoy for many years to come.

                               We are located in Goshen Ohio 45122, we are 40 miles   
                                                  east of Cincinnati Ohio.
                                  We guarantee our puppies for 1 Full Year, and offer a

                                            lifetime of support for our customers.

                                 Our Puppies will be vet checked before they go home!!
                                 We breed our Yorkies to the AKC Standard which is 4-7 lb Full grown.

                          We do not breed for Tiny yorkies -But Occasionally we will have smaller yorkies.
                                                  Feel free to call or email me
                                                            Ashley Rohrer

  You can join our mailing list below.
                     Subscribe to our youtube channel to see videos of our Adults and available puppies!!
                                             We will soon be doing how to videos!!
               ** Please Join our Mailing List or email me to be Placed on our Waiting List!!!**
         If at anytime I feel that the Home is not suitable for the Puppy I Have the Right To Refuse or Cancel any sale at Anytime.
                                              Deposits are Non Refundable !!!!
                                        If Buyer does not pick up Puppy by
                                        Agreed Pick up date there will be an
                                                 additional Boarding Fee.
                            If you find that You can not care for your Puppy/ Adult We will gladly take                        
                                                              them back at anytime!!!!




                                                         Click the Boutique Link to purchase the
adorable puppy tutu's we handmake!

                                             Click on the link below for information on hypoglycemia


                CLick The link above for information on The Yorkshire Terrier Breed!!!

                                                  Click to Order
                                    Or call 800-474-7044 code: 72153







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